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The BVI-Parents list is a list for the discussion of issues related to parenting a blind child. List traffic is usually moderate but can be heavy at times. If you prefer to receive one periodic message which contains a collection of postings from the list, you can change your subscription to digest mode by sending mail to:

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The BVI-Parents list was founded in April, 1998, and has since served a wide variety of needs. Subscribers have included parents and other concerned persons from around the world and whose children have ranged in age from infants to teenagers and whose visual impairments have been the result of a wide variety of conditions. Topics discussed have included but are not limited to helping babies develop new skills such as crawling, walking, and use of eating utensils; planning for upcoming school years; instruction in braille; summer camps; social skills; issues related to multiple disabilities; medical concerns; low vision issues; and much more.

General rules of courtesy should be followed and derogatory remarks be avoided when participating in discussions. These include but are not necessarily limited to name-calling, insults, and use of profanity. Occasionally, controversial issues are discussed on the list. When communicating about a controversial topic, state your opinion clearly and take responsibility for your own opinions. If your experience does not agree with the experience of another participant, state this without attacking the other person's credibility.

Postings to this list must be treated as confidential. Please do not forward list posts to nonsubscribers or publish them on a Website or in any printed material without the author's permission. It is also inappropriate to use postings from this list to influence decision-making processes without the author's permission.

Lastly, please do not send material which is unrelated to the topics of parenting and/or blindness and visual impairment to the list. It is entirely appropriate to write to the list about events in your family's life which may be of interest; however, most chain letters and other material which circulates via bulk mail is inappropriate for the list. Should you be notified of a potential virus circulating through email, please send a copy of the warning to rather than to the list. Many of these warnings are hoaxes, and the list moderators will work to determine the validity of the warning and inform the list of any steps which should be taken in the event that a virus alert is valid.

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Members' Pages

Guide to Visual Impairments
This site, put together by Betsy Walker, contains a wealth of information related to blindness and visual impairment. Betsy is a contributor to this list and has a daughter who is blind.

Adoption: A Family Choice
This is the homepage of Adoptn and has lots of neat pictures and pages about her children.

Cheryl Whitten's page
Meet Cheryl, her husband, and some of their children.

Leber's Links
Leber's Links is a site put together by Cheryl Marley to provide information about Leber's Congenital Amaurosis. This is a wonderful site and also now includes a mailing list for families of children with LCA.

>Rachel's story
Rachel's mom is a member of the BVI-Parents list and has graciously agreed to have Rachel's story posted on this site. We hope it will be encouraging to you.

Alyzza's "New Vision"
Alyzza is a very outspoken adult who is legally blind. Her site explores many topics which are not explored on other sites.

Kathryn's page
Here is Kathryn's page with pictures of Annmarie, her adopted child, at their first meeting. Kathryn also has another page with some more pictures.

Sherry's page for Brandon
Sherry shares her pictures of her son.

Nalida's page
Nalida shares family pictures, information about her daughter's surgeries for glaucoma and congenital cataracts, and links to related information.