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Sarah's Ministry and Services

Sarah Blake has a unique combination of experience and education that enables her to offer presentations to meet a variety of needs.

Ministry and Teaching

Sarah is a commissioned minister with the Church of God (Anderson, IN) and is available to provide ministry through music; seminars on topics of special interest such as poverty, ministry to people with chronic illness or disabilities, life transitions, and divorce; or teaching for church services or retreats. She is skilled in both Hebrew and Greek; and she is also available to teach courses for church groups wishing to explore the application of original language materials.

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Disability Awareness

Sarah has been speaking to various audiences about disability awareness issues since 1988. She is comfortable communicating with people from a variety of backgrounds and can tailor her presentation for a wide variety of audiences:

Sarah's consultation services include assistance for churches and community groups seeking to make programs and services more inclusive; assistance with troubleshooting of assistive technology products; and usability testing for computer software.

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Sarah's Experience

Sarah has been ministering with music since 1986, blending her gifts of songwriting and singing with a strong testimony of God's grace and provision in times of need. She has several years of experience working with children birth to age five in nursery, day-care, and Bible school program settings; two years of experience working with a small youth vocal ensemble; several years of experience as a choral and worship team singer; and two years of experience as a teacher of adult Sunday school classes in large and mid-size church settings. Her experience with diverse age groups provides her with an ability to relate warmly and sensitively to the whole congregation.

Sarah also has over 12 years of experience as a facilitator of online support groups for people with special needs and two years of experience as a co-facilitator on an online interfaith discussion forum. This experience has given her a sensitivity to the value of the Internet as a tool both for the provision of support and as a tool for ministry.

Sarah has a bachelor's degree in psychology and special education with an emphasis on education of the visually impaired. She completed additional coursework in elementary and secondary education, music business, and church ministry. After graduating from college, she continued to educate herself independently about disabilities, health care, and alternative treatments. In August, 2009, she earned her Master of Divinity from Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana.

Sarah's work has included services as a child care provider and as a technical writer. She has also provided tutoring to students from elementary school age to college level in a variety of subject areas, consulting to homeschooling families, and private training in skills of daily living.

Sarah has been using computerss with adaptive software for people who are blind since 1990. She has taught herself to operate several screen access programs as well as many mainstream computer applications running under several operating systems. In 1995, she taught herself HTML so that she could put her knowledge to use on the World Wide Web. Her skills and knowledge of HTML, adaptive equipment, and Windows software led her to work as an independent contractor with Freedhe om Scientific, Inc., providing technical writing services.

Sarah has served on a number of committees providing guidance to schools, colleges, and community groups regarding accessibility of programs and services for people with disabilities. She feels passionately about the need for people with disabilities to achieve a balance between being able to access appropriate specialized services and to participate as fully as possible in community, work, and school activities.

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What Other People Say About Sarah's Services

Sarah is a remarkable person of faith and courage. She is an inspiration to all who know her and is a gifted communicator both through music and speaking. She is one whom people take quickly into their hearts.

--Steve Williamson

Sarah was the first one to help me to know without a doubt that I could handle educating my son, who recently became visually impaired. Even though I had homeschooled for nearly 18 years, my confidence was shaken by seeing a new world of unknown territory ahead of me. I wasn't really ready to quit but you can't make progress without some hope and confidence. Sarah gave me encouragement, resources, and ideas that enabled us to move forward!

--Margaret Myers

Sarah and I were asked to lead a discussion for the Candle in the Window conference on access issues to communities of faith. We constructed scenarios for discussion and divided into two groups for part of the session. Sarah thought of a number of creative scenarios and also showed herself to be an able discussion leader.

Sarah has an in-depth knowledge of visual impairment and education. When I have a question, I can usually ask Sarah and get a quick response. If she doesn't know the answer, she knows where to find it.

I have found Sarah to be a very empathic person who looks beyond the words that people speak and understands what is underneath or behind them.

--Rick Roderick, consultant for visual disabilities, Presbyterian Church (USA)

Sarah Blake is not only a great resource for information but a wonderful listener. My daughter was born 3 1/2 months premature. ... Without Sarah's kind heart and vast knowledge of issues and connections to others I would not have the peace of mind that I do today.


Listen to samples of Sarah's presentations.


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